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Kakapo: Education and Information

The Kakapo Recovery Programme a superb official site, visually impressive, and the best audio player of the kakapo call, the most informative and thorough discussion of the kakapo on the web. is widely accessed for 'The Fabulous Kakapo'. Contains facts, news and yearly updates

Big, much information and a RealAudio player of the kakapo call, good educational documentation from KCC - the Forest and Bird project for children

Enchanted Learning: a kakapo fact sheet for young children, and a 'colour-me' activity outline of the kakapo


Kakapo Merchandise

Wild South Videos for the wildlife video To Save the Kakapo from the acclaimed documentary producers

New Zealand Birds Store for a range of Kakapo merchandise: stuffed toys, cards, and pin badges

The Nelson based New Zealand artist Fiona Appleton, and sales information on her designed cushion covers, including a variety of styled images of the kakapo

The children's book The Story of the Kakapo: Parrot of the Night, by Philip Temple and Chris Gaskin, and available from Reed Publishing

The children's cooperative board game - Kakapo Rescue