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Alexis Neal

The front cover illustration for this book is one example of Alexis Neal's prolific artistic body of mezzotint prints.  
Native Heritage, seven plate mezzotint print by Alexis Neal, 1995, emerged from a desire to find the real flora and fauna of Aotearoa's natural beauty; a constant landscape that is both familiar and sacred. For Alexis, Native Heritage is "a work of identity for myself and for others".

Most of Alexis Neal's works have consisted of several mezzotint plates arranged and rearranged on the paper to make individual one off prints.
She employs the traditional method of Etching for the mezzotint process. This involves rocking a zinc surface with a mezzotint tool for hours or weeks, pitting the surface to confirm a rich and velvety black once ink up. When finished, the plate is burnished to create a soft but delicate image.